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Q: What if I’m currently taking a dietary supplement? Can Moringa replace it?
A: You should always consult with your Physician before changing supplements.

Q: What if I take Moringa now? How do I know its totally natural?
A: The Shepherd’s Harvest Moringa is manufactured under cGMP, which meets FDA regulations. If the Moringa you are taking does not meet Federal Guidelines for the manufacturing of nutraceuticals, then we recommend switching to our product. We use 100% veggie capsules completing our Organic product, no animal-based products.

Q: Does The Shepherd’s Harvest follow the latest research?
A: Yes we are constantly updating our website with links to the most updated research concerning our great products.

Q: How long will I need to take Moringa for results?
A: We are so confident about our products that we offer a 30 day guarantee when product is used as recommended. Dr. Oz has given this product great reviews, as well as National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

Q: I have never heard of Moringa. Why?
A: Moringa has been around for centuries, used to boost energy level and as an antioxidant. Dr.Oz, Hopkins University and Penn State University started to inform the public about this great product.

Q: Why should I buy from The Shepherd’s Harvest ?
A: Because we care about what goes into our bodies and we care what goes into your body. We have a combined 20 years experience working with Natural Products. We formed Shepherd’s Harvest to have full control of what we offer our customers. We do not simply sell Nutrition Supplements, we help improve quality of life and inform. We do not buy finished products from other companies and then resell them to you. We cannot control quality that way. We have our raw material tested and provide you with a COA on our website. That assures you that we want more than a sale. We want you to become our client. That is why we offer a customer feedback section. We take you seriously.

We offer a 30 day Money back guarantee when product is used as recommended.

Q: Are there different types of Moringa?
A: Yes there are many species of Moringa. We use Oleifera)as seen on Dr. OZ.

Q: Are there side effects to taking Moringa?
A: There are no known side effects to Moringa, but we recommend consult your doctor when making changes or adding nutritional supplements.

Q: When is the best time to take Moringa?
A: We recommend you take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. You can take Moringa Capsules with or without food.

Q: Can I purchase through check or money order?
A: Yes, we will ship product after receiving you payment in the mail.

Q: Can my children take Moringa?
A: Yes, Moringa has proven to be a great nutritional supplement for children around the world.

Q: If I take Moringa at night will I stay awake because it gives me energy?
A: No. Moringa is a natural energy booster and does not give the up and downs as some energy boosters do. In fact, many say Moringa stabilizes the blood system to promote a more relaxing sleep.

Q: How do I make tea bags for the Loose Tea Moringa? 
A:  You can purchase natural tea bags from us and fill them as you see below.

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Q. How can I order?

A: Glad you asked. Simply click on bottle to begin or call: