My Personal Journey Towards Help Others Heal Naturally

Life often takes us on a journey that no one can foresee. 

Whether given certain odds at birth, viewed simply as a statistic, or faced with unimaginable hurdles, we, again and again, find ourselves in places that seem foreign to our younger selves. Even those who strive to create a specific path, who seem to have everything perfectly aligned on a silver platter, who will do anything to stay on a forced course of life, find that sometimes there is a better path.

I bever thought any path in life would lead me to write a book or create a website that provides a way to help the world heal naturally. I never believed that any course of my future would lead me to research nature’s way of healing. I was a basketball coach, who excelled in that profession, who strived in shaping young lives, who thought that was God’s ultimate will for my life. None of those accomplishments, however, explain how I arrived at my new path in life.

In my book, 25 Self-Empowering, Health-empowering Herbs: Evidence Revealed, I share my story on how I arrived in this health journey and the fantastic evidence behind the herbs that have been such a blessing in my life and in the lives of the people who shop The Shepherd’s Harvest.

“All men ought to be acquainted with the medical art. I believe that knowledge of medicine is the sister and companion of wisdom.” – Hippocrates

When I started selling herbal supplements I ran into a challenge. 

People wanted evidence!

“How do you know it actually works?” “Has it been tested by doctors?” “Prove that this supplement will improve my health.”

I looked through book after book seeking the research, and while herbal medicine books explained benefits and historical trends, I struggled to find real, science-based support. This challenge opened up an opportunity to do the research, look at clinical trials, and provide fact-based evidence of the impact of these herbs.

In 25 Self-Empowering, Health-empowering Herbs: Evidence Revealed, I was able to provide a compilation of that research. It provides an evidence-based, comprehensive guide of historical medicinal herbs, roots, and fruits. This guide highlights the power of herbs and their potential to prevent, reverse, and heal degenerative health conditions.

My hope is that you read more about this book and discover for yourself why these herbs are beneficial for your health.

Let me know when you order your book so I can offer you 25% off one of our other books!

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